About Me

Hello, I’m Rebecca.

Welcome to my fashion blog!

I’m someone who is interested in every clothes style and who wants to try them all. I have always been interested in fashion. Even when I was a kid I liked to choose my own style for school.

Luckily, my family bought me lots of clothes too because I was the only girl in my family growing up. I think that helped me developing my sense of style and shopping.

I also have passion in accessories, shoes, etc and that’s why I decided to study jewellery design in my college. I also studied bag and shoe design!

It wasn’t enough to be an expert, but, it was enough for me to understand them.

I’ve always wanted to see another countries street fashion. So I went to some countries in Europe, Malaysia and Canada. I saw various types of styles.

I felt a little bit bored of Korean fashion because it looks great, but it’s also very similar. On the other hand, lots of people abroad don’t really care about fashion at all.

So I thought, I could share ‘how to wear stylish outfits with just clothes you already have’ and ‘what you should buy’.

I’m going to show you many kinds of style, so you can pick your own style based on my articles.

I will show you that you don’t need to waste money on clothes and that you can simple yet amazing.