Always-In Korean Fall Outfit

This is typical FW (Fall/Winter) fashion in Korea. You can’t go wrong with it!

I wore the black coat to give a unique look.

People prefer to wear longer coats, but, I’m a little bit short for that.

So, I tend to wear short and small clothes rather than long and big ones.

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This year, loose fitting pants and jeans were in.

The trend started this summer and is still popular today.

Also skinny skirts and pants are still loved by Koreans.

Lately in Korea, people are looking for more different styles.

Even just a few years ago, people just wear one popular style for that year.

But now Koreans are into fashion more than ever. Of course , I am also in love with fashion.

I love both Korean and western fashion.

When I was little, I was in love with princess dresses of both Korean and western cultures.

Especially with the traditional Korean dresses.

I only have one FW fashion on my website today but I am gonna show you more in the future! I will show you the best Korean fashion.

Hope you guys enjoy and learn more Korean style from my website!

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