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Hello guys!

I’m really sorry for coming back so late. Again, I was busy with my family and also the Corona 19 virus got serious once more. This is why I just couldn’t go out for a photoshoot. I can’t even buy any more masks.

I really hope I can go out for photos soon, or that I could afford some kind of studio.

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I have been thought about what can I post when the situation is not good for me to go out and take some pictures for my blog. I don’t want to do some mirror shoots inside.

Because right now, my place is too small to have a bigger mirror. Furthermore, I want my blog to be different from other blogs. So, what I can do is to also post about Korean grammar instead of fashion.

I am going to post about common mistakes and I could get some questions from you guys! Therefore, feel free to message me or leave some comments down there!

But today, I have another idea!!

As I said I would tell you how to shop better on my profile, I am going to share one tip with you guys today.

In the fashion industry, every season, they want to see what colour is going to be chosen by Pantone.

After Pantone makes their decision, all the clothes stores will focus on displaying their products by the “colour of the year” (at least in Korea). Because consumers actually care about it.

This does not mean all the stores sell the same colour of clothes. But, when they display those, they put the “this year colour” first and when they are shopping for merchandises, they would try to buy clothes based on that colour.

Of course, there are other colours and some design or patterns will look better in different colours. Still, the sellers will buy lots of clothes based on Pantone’s colour of the year.

The colour is blue this year, so I am going to show you some blue styles!

Actually, the colour’s name is “Classic blue”. I would say any blue is gonna be fine though, you don’t need to be obsessed with classic blue only. Any blue will be fine 🙂

Today I will show you some blue tops, skirts and some jackets.

Firstly, these blue jackets are a bit deep so I wouldn’t wear more colours.

I would wear something that is not colourful but not grey or white. Because wearing more than one colour that stands out is gonna take away the charm of the outfit.

Imagine you are on a blind date and the person you are supposed to meet is wearing a red top and pink pants or skirt. Isn’t it weird?

Of course, it could be different from the design chroma.
But it’s not going to be charming when the colours are deep and bright.

Like this matching colour is one of the important parts when you choose your outfit.

Talking about matching colour, I’m gonna show you some colour chart!

Tip – black is always a safe colour

This is the link of this picture and you can find more recommendations if you google “colour matching”

Back to the topic, the second clothes item is this skirt.

It’s made of silk so when you move, the skirt will move like Marilyn Monroe’s dress.

Therefore, I recommend you wear a white blouse on top.

If you think just a white one is too boring, then you can give it some flair like lines or a ribbon.

For the last item, I brought this dress.

It is made of artificial angora. Usually, angora is from animals fur so I don’t wear it unless it’s artificial.

Well yeah, I think it’s still not going to be 100% eco-friendly but at least I think it’s better than a real one.

One day when I can afford it I want to wear and post only vegan clothes.

Anyway, for this dress I would wear a long coat. For the colour of the coat, I want to wear something dark like black or charcoal grey.

For bags and accessories, you can match them with any of the colours of your outfit. But, it would be much better if it’s a match for your whole outfit.

Thank you for reading my blog today and so sorry for taking so long time to post this.

I will be back with a better article soon!

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