Comfortable But Cute Outfit

Hi everyone 

I decided to post more than one article a week from now on 🙂

Moreover, I’m going to post about accessories and other women’s products too!

That way I can share more and various articles with you guys!

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Today’s topic is “Convenient and cute style for grocery shopping”

I don’t like to wear something pretty and inconvenient clothes to grocery shopping or short walking outside.

You could also wear it as home wear.

This style is the one I go for when I don’t feel like thinking too much about an outfit but still want to wear something cute.

Whenever I feel like that I wear both tight clothes and one baggy clothes.

It doesn’t matter which one should be top or bottom.

But I don’t wear short skirts in this situation.

Usually, I wear baggy pants and tight top.

Sometimes when the weather is hot then I always go for tight long skirts.

Of course, I can wear tight pants too.

Then I put on some big tops, however, you could wear both tight clothes this way.

Only yoga pants kind of pants though, because we are talking about “convenient and comfortable but also cute clothes”.

From last fall season, big wide pants made of velvet were popular.

Personally I don’t like velvet as my clothes so I didn’t follow the style

Still it was really popular and so far it still is.

The colours are not a popular colour or anything but I was just so into those colours last fall when I was shopping.

I matched my socks colour and shoe colour to my outfit.

You don’t want to match every colours you wear, but usually, I just like everything to be matching.

On the other hand, I do wear different colors sometimes when I want something to be stand out.

Like my jewelries or socks, usually something small part of my outfit.

It can make cute twists.

Thanks for checking out my blog today and here are the links of clothes.

For the top, for pants, for shoes.

Enjoy the post and see you guys soon!

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