Cute Korean Knitted Dress

Long time no see everyone, sorry for my long absence again!
I was caught up on my other job and getting my new place sorted out.

I still have lots to sort out but my teaching schedule is now set again so I have some time to work on my blog! (It was summer vacation so lots of my students went on their summer vacations so my schedule was a bit too messy).

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While I was busy with my life, I thought about some men’s clothing!
Because some of my guy friends actually asked me about men’s styling.
I will start with some summer clothes and then fall and winter in order.

Anyway! Today I am going to talk about a mini dress! It is a knitted mini dress, so you can wear it in both summer and fall.

Usually, you can wear knitted clothes in fall or winter but that wasn’t thick and of course, it was short and has short sleeves. That’s why I said you can wear it in summer too.

It was a bit short for me but the pattern and colour were so pretty, haha. It was also a bit cold that day. Still, like I said the dress was really pretty enough to stand all of that.

If you wear it in fall, you might be a little bit cold like I was. If this is the case, then you can wear something over it. I would recommend some light blue jean jackets or an oatmeal colour cardigan.

I think shorter jackets should work better because personally I don’t like the style that covers all of your short dress and plus the pattern of dress and line are really pretty, so I want it to be shown.

For the shoes, I wore ‘ugly shoes’ from FILA. Because the dress is more cute style. You can wear high heels for this kind of cute mini dress if you want.

But they should be round. Otherwise, if they are too sharp then you might want to wear some socks with them because “too much unbalance” isn’t good. You should have “some balance” with unbalance.

Lastly, for the bag, I would wear both something small or big. The big bag I meant is a tote bag. This dress is not really a fancy or elegant type so cute tote bag will be enough.

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