Hip Dress for Fall & Winter

Hello guys 🙂

Today I am going to show you another fall and winter dress.

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It’s long shirt dress made out of ‘corduroy’ fabric.

I liked the colour when I bought it, but eventually I realised that I didn’t have a matching jacket.

Only one of my jackets would fit with the design and it’s also dark green so I did the photo shoot without jacket.

This is why you should make a plan for your shopping.

Before you buy some clothes, you have to think if you already have some clothes that would fit with it in your closet.

Otherwise you have to buy some more that will with the new clothes, and that’s how you end up wasting all your money.

Anyway I could have wore it by itself but I wore a turtleneck below the dress like the “valentine date dress” I posted before.

Because when I wear it by itself it looks a little bit awkward.

It’s a lumpy fit so even if I wear a necklace on, it’s hard to see it.

So I decided to wear the turtleneck under the dress.

This style is less feminine than other dresses I posted before.

I thought I should post more different style, so everyone can enjoy my blog 🙂

Here is the link i got the dress.

Will be back with better post soon!

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