Job Interview Suit

Hello guys, sorry for the late posting.

I’ve been so busy lately with family things and teaching jobs.

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Today’s style is “suit”, because last Friday I had a job interview.

Unfortunately, it was awful.

They didn’t even look at my resume at all.

There were 2 interviewers for me, but the manager was looking at me like “What are you doing here when you don’t even have experience in translating?”

And then she left the room after 5 minutes.

Saying “she is gonna be in charge from now on (the employee). I’m so busy I will be going now”

Her employee looked bit awkward because she wasn’t prepared for the interview I guess.

I was very upset because obviously, they didn’t even read my resume at all.

But they called me to take the job interview! Sadly it happens often in Korea.

I hope, one day, people value other people’s time, money (for travelling all the way there) and the hopes for getting a job.

Anyway, tonight I’m posting a Korean “job interview look”.

My suits are a bit bigger because I lost some weight and the jacket is a bit of a longer style. So, I wore high heels.

If you are short or your suits are a little big for you, wear high heels.

But make sure to not wear heels that are too high!

It depends on the career you’re taking.

If you’re looking for a job in business or sales, then higher shoes would be nice for the job interviews (But you have to check the moods at the brands or stores).

If the job is more conservative like working in a museums or desk jobs lower heels might look better.

I tucked my white shirt in my pants.

Interviewers would think it’s messy if you don’t.

Especially if the shirt isn’t tight enough.

Wearing bigger suits as I did is okay but be careful.

Because it might look inappropriate for some conservative jobs (the one I took was about fashion and beauty).

I hope you enjoyed my post today and here is the link.

See you soon guys!

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