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Long time no see everyone! I’m sorry for being absent for a long time. Life catches me out sometimes… Well, for me it’s very often! Haha.

It’s already autumn and I missed all the summer clothing updates. However, It’s still summer and we have a little bit more time to make the most of summer fashion! I will show you some of that soon and that’s a promise!

Today I have something special for you – it’s even better than the recent summer trends!

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Our beloved Korelimited has sent me some more clothes! I got a hat and some t-shirts. Although all of the items are gorgeous, I still have a favourite!

This mint-coloured t-shirt has the cutest dog on it. The dog is called Jindo and it is a Korean dog known for being loyal, bold and smart. In the past, our ancestors hunted alongside them.

In Korea, there are three types of native dogs. One of them is the Jindo Dog (진돗개), which is our topic right now, and we also have Sapsal and Pungsan dogs. These two dogs are also known for being brave and good at hunting. However, Jindo is the most famous dog and also the smartest.

I have two Jindo dogs at home 🙂 They are the most gentle dogs that I have ever seen! They never bark at anyone but they are also really good at hunting. Once they killed a snake in my yard. Even though one of them got bitten by the snake, she was okay.

One of their strengths is that they are very healthy. Although my dogs are 5 years old now, they have never had to go to the vet due to sicknesses. They just have general checkups and they are good to go! If you are looking for a good family dog, I highly recommend Korean dog breeds.

Some people might get confused by the similar look of Japanese dogs and Korean dogs. Generally, if the dogs have long legs and waist and the tail is straight, then you are looking at a Jindo or Pungsan. Also, their faces are sharper and their eyes tend to be bigger.

Sapsal dogs have longer fur and it is also curly when you groom it. They also have eyes that look like a husky. Their eyes are very big and flaring! That’s why our ancestors thought Sapsal dogs could defeat ghosts.

Anyway, the hat that the Jindo is wearing on the shirt is also a traditional Korean hat. It’s called “Gat” and was a form of traditional male clothing. Usually, all the males wore it but there were differences between royals and normal people. Gat was only worn by adult males.

The second t-shirt that I received has a Jeju island theme. Jeju is the biggest island in Korea and also the most famous – particularly for mandarins, great seafood, travelling, and beautiful beaches.

Unfortunately, lately, it’s been suffering from environmental pollution because due to lots of irresponsible tourists. Thankfully there are also lots of people working to save the environment and to keep Jeju clean.

Anyway, back on track! On the shirt, there are hanrabong which is a fruit that looks like an orange but that is sweeter. The shirt also features Dollhareubang which is Jeju’s traditional statue made out of basalts. Finally, the shirt also shows Hanla mountain which is the biggest mountain in Jeju, along with a flower and a bird which are both famous in Jeju.

In the background of the squares, there are letters that spell ‘Jeju island’ in Korean.

I have two opinions on this shirt. My first thought is that I love the printings because they show the traditional elements of Jeju that tourists should know of yet many don’t. Moreover, it features Hangul too. Together these make very cute and meaningful designs. That is the meaning of Kore Limited! Therefore, the design of this shirt is great and it represents Korea and Kore Limited very well.

On the other hand, for Korean people, this shirt looks a bit like a shirt from a souvenir shop. I think if the Korean characters in the background were not there, they could have avoided this image. However, for people wearing this outside of Korea, this is not an issue.

The third item that I received is a hat. Unlike the other pieces of clothing, this one is not a traditional design. Rather, it’s a current trend. The reason that I chose this hat is that the shape and colour are in trend at the moment.

The mixture of multiple colours like this is called tie-dye and it was hot for the summer season this year. Kore Limited had other colour options, but I picked this one because I like pink and blue together.

Since the hat’s colour is bright, I recommend that you match it with tops that have light colours and you can match this with a darker colour of pants that goes well with the top’s colour.

Moreover, the style of the hat is not formal so I would recommend that you match it with either cute clothes or street-style clothing.

For the last item, I have this beautiful crop top. This wine colour is amazing, I really love the colour and the printing on the sleeves. There are Mugunghwa which is the Korean national flower. When I was a kid, I didn’t like the flower just because it wasn’t my favourite one.

The flower blooms again and again until the weather gets cold. Our ancestors wanted to be that way.
Even though you tremble and sometimes fail, they want you to try again and again until you bloom. After I heard this story, I instantly fell in love with Mugunghwa.

I am so proud of what Korelimited is doing and how they featured Mugunghwa, Jindo dogs and Jeju 🙂

I hope you guys love my article today and please contact me if you need any help! See you soon!

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