Kore Limited Winter Collection

Hello everyone! I hope you had a happy new lunar new year! It was 설날 (Seol day) in Korea from February 11th ~ 13th. I had a great holiday with my family during this year’s 설날.

설날 is one of Korea’s national holidays and usually, families (sometimes even as far third cousins) will gather on 설날. Family is very important in Korean culture!

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However, because of Covid-19, people had to just stay inside and more than 5 people cannot gather in one place. So my family and I, just 4 of us, rested peacefully this year. When I was a little girl, I used to wear 한복(hanbok) on 설날.

I had this pink (top) and purple (skirt) 한복. It was really beautiful so even when it didn’t fit me anymore I refused to take it off! I loved traditional Korean clothes fromm when I was a kid and I still love them.

I still wear 한복 sometimes. But not the traditional one because it’s too expensive to buy and hard to keep it clean and in good condition. Moreover, we don’t really wear it anymore unless it’s a special occasion because it’s a bit uncomfortable to move around in it.

To wear something comfortable and to still have a Korean traditional style, lots of people made modern/traditional style Korean clothes. Among them is a brand called Kore Limited that I want to show you today.

Last year during the summer I had a collaboration with them and they agreed to have another work with us once again. Kore Limited doesn’t make modern 한복, yet they still have Korean traditional styles on their clothes.

Some of the clothing has traditional Korean artwork on it, some of the pants have the shape of male’s 한복 pants, and other items have different historically meaningful symbols on them.

I’m going to show you two tops from Kore Limited today. The first one is a short-sleeved shirt that has a tiger painting on it. The tiger is a design by Kore Limited that follows the traditional Korean minwha style of painting.

This design was inspired by Korean traditional tiger paintings which were very popular. The design on the shirt looks very authentic and I initially thought it was from an artist in the past! This style of painting reminds me of lots of traditional arts and for this reason, I fell in love with the shirt.

Next to the drawing, there is the logo of Kore Limited – Keepin Our Roots Eternal. I love this spirit of Kore Limited! Keeping our roots is very important and I can see their passion reflected in their clothing designs.

The other item I received is a hoodie that has some flowers on it. These flowers are the mugunghwa which is the national flower of Korea. The art on this hoodie also looks a lot like a traditional style of artwork.

Around the flowers, this hoodie also has some butterflies on it. I like this addition because butterflies are currently a popular trend in the fashion market.

So, if you want to have something that looks different and stands out but that also isn’t too different and that stays comfortable, this is the one you were looking for!

I’m a short girl, so the hoodie is a bit longer for me, if you are short like me then I recommend that you wear the hoodie with short pants and sneakers. The width of the shirt is not narrow so it can be a “boyfriend fit”.

If you want to wear the hoodie with some pants then, it might be a bit longer. Therefore, you can match it with some wide pants like me. Of course, you can wear it with some skinny pants if you want to, but it could old fashioned because that styling trend was really popular in the early 2000s in Korea.

Plus, since the hoodies are good with sweat pants, you can make some cute and comfortable looks when you really don’t want to dress up but still want to look okay. 

Kore Limited’s clothes are cool and also comfortable at the same time. I strongly recommend you all to check them out if you are looking for some clothes that have the Korean spirit in them!

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