Korean Fall Style with Cardigan

Hello again everyone! I’m going to talk about outerwear today because it’s fall!

In fall and winter, you can wear outerwear easily, and although you might think it’s trickier to style in many ways it actually makes styling easier.

If you wear fancy and glamorous clothing outside then you just need something simple to go under. Therefore, you just need simple and appropriate clothes for the temperature and place.

For that reason, today I brought two fall cardigans!

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It’s getting colder and colder so I think I’m a little bit late for talking about cardigans but it’s still fall and I haven’t talked about it yet on my blog so I brought it up anyway!

I could have posted this a week earlier but my pictures weren’t ready yet (the pictures I took the first time didn’t turn out so well ), so I’m posting it now. I’m so sorry!

There are two cardigans that I brought today, one is really popular lately in Korea and the other one is a more standard design.

Both are ivory in colour, I could have bought some brown, beige or red cardigans to fit the fall colours but I didn’t have any clothes to match with those colours so I just settled on a more basic colour.

First is the cardigan that is popular right now. It has some threaded flowers on it, right on the middle. Other than the flowers, the cardigan is bare.

The minute I saw it I fell in love with it because it was so cute!

Usually in Korea lots of grandmother’s clothes have that kind of threaded flower design, but when I saw this one I didn’t feel like it had any such kind of design.

This is because it is short like a crop top t-shirt and also the width is quite small, meaning the clothes are not loose and big like the types of clothes that grandmothers in Korea like to wear.

I wore it with black high-waist skinny jeans this time but i also like to wear it with wider jeans. It works well with any kind of jeans!

Even with wider jeans I would pick high-waist but that’s just because I don’t like to show my belly, because when it’s cold my stomach gets sick.

So don’t worry even if you don’t have a high waist pants. Any kind of jeans will work, and even some other kinds of pants.

There was a blue version of this cardigan but I think to match fall, ivory was better.

Also, this cardigan is not very thick and it is small too (this means you can’t wear something inside to be warm as it’s not large enough). For this reason, it wouldn’t be appropriate for cold weather.

Secondly, I’m going to show you a more familiar design of cardigan. This one is also ivory because like I said above, I don’t have any clothes to match with other colours.

This one had many more colour choices but it didn’t have an oatmeal kind of colour. If you could find a colour that is just a little bit darker than this, then I think it will be perfect.

Because ivory outer-wears don’t really mix well with other clothes.

The clothes you wear inside should have some kind of simple design. The whiter your outwear is, the more attention it draws.

You don’t want to give too much attention to each piece of clothing you wear at once, so for this reason it’s better to wear something simple in colour and design inside.

Anyway, that was why I chose to get this colour. Plus, for my skin colour out of all of the colour choices available this one fit me the best.

With this cardigan, I’m wearing a brown dress and brown girly shoes. I could match many clothes with it but I chose a sweet cute dress and shoes because I already showed you another way of styling cardigan above.

This is a cardigans’ biggest perk I think. You can style it with pants and also dresses or skirts. It works well with many different kinds of outfits.

Anyhow, I wore a brown long dress and I picked cute shoes. If I chose some high heels it would have been awkward. Because the whole outfit is a cute girl style.

I think you can wear high heels if you can find a cuter type of heels (usually they have a round tip) but not boots. The whole outfit should have a similar type of feel.

Today we talked about cardigans and I want to talk about longer ones next time!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and if you guy need more information about cardigans ask away! You can contact me on my Instagram or comment on this post!

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