Korean Feminine Fall Outfit

Hello, I finally came back!

Sorry I take such a long time writing new posts and posting them here.

This year is a struggle for me already.

This virus keeps being a big obstacle for me.

Literally every single order got cancelled because all of the online shopping malls are relying on Chinese factories which are currently shut down…

This is the reason why I had to cancel all of my projects.

I couldn’t even go out for a long time… Then I lost motivation to write posts.

But I moved on and I’m going to work harder on my new projects.

I think this virus is going to stay longer than we expected, so I’m going to coordinate something with clothes that I already have.

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Here is a fashion tip that I have for you!

As I just said, I’m going to use my old clothes.

In order to do this, you should have some basic and simple clothes.

An ideal item is something that you can match with at least 5 different items. Such as simple black jeans without any patterns or design.

You can wear it with any shirt you want and it’s never going to go out of fashion.

So, which items can be in all of the time?

I can say ivory coloured sweaters, blue jeans, collared shirts (doesn’t matter if it’s long sleeved or short sleeved), tight T-shirts (also short and long sleeves), ect…

Like I said above they shouldn’t have any patterns or designs and they should be simple.

There is a saying in Korea “유행은 돌고 돈다”. 

It means the fashion trends are rotating.

So, you might think “then can’t I just buy some clothes that are trendy in the season and wear them again later when they are in again?”

Yes, you can do that if you have enormous closets and tons of money.

Also, many modern clothes are made out of harmful materials such as plastics.

So, if you buy new outfits every seasons, you are killing the earth indirectly.

Otherwise you can buy vegan clothes but I think it’s still bit expensive to be affordable for everyone (Please let me know if it’s not!).

Now, back to today’s style!

I’m wearing a long, pink, H line skirt. (I don’t know if it’s English or not, but in Korea, we call straight-line skirts “H line skirts”)

For a matching top, I picked an ivory tight T-shirt. 

Personally, I would rather wear a see through sweater that I have with a pretty bralette, but it’s still bold choice in Korea and I am supposed to show you common Korean fashion.

In addition it’s still cold for that, therefore this time I chose this style.

I already showed you this top once on my Instagram.

On that post, I was wearing the top with blue jeans.

When I wear it with jeans it is more comfortable and feels better to move with.

Besides, it has that cut on the waistline that makes it look sexy and not boring.

With this skirt I tucked it in my skirt because I think it looks better that way but with jeans I prefer not to.

You also can tuck it into jeans, but I didn’t because a jeans style can be boring easily if it doesn’t have any special design.

However, if i was wearing ripped jeans or short jeans, then I would have tried to tuck it in.

By reason of that, it is not a great choice to have more than one focus item (one item that stands out).

I’m gonna talk about it in my next post because it’s another big topic to talk about.

Also, you can wear any kind of sweater with this skirt.

A big loose sweater would look great with this. That way you will both look and feel comfortable. And of course, that will be warmer too.

If you are just going out for quick errands then a hoodie will be good too.

Finally, I want to tell you the most important thing to consider when you dress up and shop for clothes.

Whenever you wear these kinds of tight clothes you might be worried that your body is not pretty enough.

You shouldn’t be!

All body types are beautiful and whatever outfit you’re choosing, it is completely your decision.

The standards of beauty people are talking about is just someone’s personal opinion.

We only live once and today isn’t coming back again.

You are not going to hurt people by wearing what you want.

So don’t worry about a thing, wear whatever you like. Make today the best day among rest of your life.

Because more than any other reason, you are already enough 🙂

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