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Merry Christmas everyone!

It’s been some time since the last post as it’s really hard to make time for blog between my teaching schedule.

While I was busy with my teaching job, I’ve been preparing some ideas for my blog.

I will work on it during the Christmas and New Years holidays. Meanwhile, I will post some more pictures on my Instagram.

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I posted some winter pyjama pictures a few weeks ago and lots of people liked it. So I want to write about it, just a short article with new Panton’s new 2021 colour.

But today, I’m gonna talk about Jeans! From about 2 or 3 years ago, wider pants have been trendy again in Korea.

At first, when jeans were back in fashion in Korea, I only wore wider ones. Because tapered jeans looked too Hip-hop style.

There is nothing wrong with that style, just personally I didn’t like that style compared to other styles. Now, however, I know they are so cute with cropped tops.

And those pants look great with every hairstyle because the pants can be cute, sexy and also many other things.

So if you have a pair of them, you don’t need to worry about what to match with it anymore.

This is why I brought pictures of the same pants and different tops. I have some summer tops and some long sleeves too.

Sorry for the long sleeve pictures were only taken inside but in Seoul corona is quite bad right now, so I had to stay home.

But fortunately, now I have a great mirror to take some pictures inside. With the pants, I would style the shoes and bags to the tops. Because the pants can be blended into any style, so the tops can stand out.

In summer, I would just wear sandals but sneakers will look great with those pants too.

In winter or fall, I would wear something tall. Also, any sneakers or running shoes or even ‘ugly’ shoes will look awesome. But boots might be too off with them.

Because almost all boots have this beautiful line that go up to your legs and ankles.

And when you wear these pants, they cover the whole design! So just avoid boots, save them for another style.

For the bags, like I already mentioned above, I would pick them depending on what I wore for my top. You can pick the shoes or bags first then the top, of course!

But just remember that you should match them with the same or a similar style. When you are wearing something comfortable, then a backpack or tote bag works well.

When you are wearing some more tight or revealing clothes, then you can take a small handbag or clutch. If you wear this, you don’t need to buy everything in the store.

You just need to buy something good with lots of options.

I hope you all enjoyed this post and if you have any questions or opinions for my blog, you can message me on my IG!

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