Korean Simple Jeans Style

Today’s style is a simple jean style”

The jeans I’m wearing are a bit shorter and wider than skinny jeans, but they are similar.

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They are bit short so you can see my ankles. When I wear jeans like them, I wear longer and prettier socks. When you wear longer jeans, this isn’t so important!

Socks are important too, and in this outfit especially! This time I matched the colour of socks with my top.

My jacket is like sheep’s fur. This fabric was very trendy since 2018 FW. Especially for 2019 FW, it was very popular!

Every fashion brand made tons of styles with this fabric. It is still popular right now!

Mine is from the Spao.

For the last images I’m wearing one of my favourite tight sweaters. It’s a turtleneck type of sweater but the neck part is not so long.

Like this, with just simple match you can be stylish and warm at the same time. It’s also not very expensive and is easily affordable!

If you like you always can wear some lighter clothes inside.

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