Korean Style Denim Dress

Hi 🙂 I’m back!

Sorry for late update, it’s really hard for me to focus on blog because of my teaching job.

My teaching job is going great and now I often don’t have time for photo shoots.

I also started a Korean class! So if you are interested just leave a comment or contact me on IG (berry_love319) for more information!

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Anyway, today I brought a jean (denim) dress. This is one of my favorite dresses.

I bought this at ZARA like 3 years ago!

This dress has curvy line on the waist so even if you are insecure about not having a perfect body, don’t worry. The dress will cover your insecurities.

This dress isn’t revealing so you don’t need high heels. Pretty sneakers or some black military boots would be fine.

The reason why I limit it to black is because I’m talking about Korean fashion. We do love bold choices but we also love something casual and simple choices.

Most of all, people like certain colours for certain items. They like black military boots, white or black sneakers and sandals, brown winter boots and so on.

Some people say that you should be unique to be stylish but I think to be stylish, you should know how to wear trendy and fit in.

I also recommend this kind of dress to short girls. Because it’s showing your legs just enough. That makes you look little bit taller.

Then wear something high sneakers then you will look much taller! I’m 157cm but when I wear like this everyone tells me I look taller than that 🙂

The shoes I’m wearing is from FILA. They are famous in Korea for “ ugly shoes”.

With these ugly shoes, there are not many dresses you can style with, but if you have this type of dress, then there is your perfect casual outfit.

They have higher sole and a thicker width so they are bigger, fatter and higher than normal sneakers. That design makes your legs look skinnier and longer.

This dress looks simple yet only the dress is perfect enough so you don’t need to style this with other items.

Plus the design is basic, you can wear it every year 🙂

Thank you for reading my blog today! I will be back with better style soon!

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