Simple Korean Summer Outfits

Hello everyone!

I wanted to show you one of my summer outfits.

One outfit is just a simple shirt, while the other is with a skirt and a dress.

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In summer I like to wear something that is just simple and short, because Korea’s summer is very hot and humid.

So, I usually wear short sleeve dresses or shorts.

If you want to travel Korea in summer, you really shouldn’t wear something long, or something that covers your whole body.

In summer, you can’t even wear sneakers! I always go for sandals unless I have to work.

I don’t have the same shoes from the pictures right now. But I brought better shoes for the clothes, so don’t you worry!

The skirt and the dress are from Forever 21. I will try share the link for the clothes, yet sometimes I’m not going to be able to share with you guys.

This is because I have had some of these clothes for years and can’t remember where I got them. Or, they are now not sold.

However, I hope that these outfits can give you some ideas for your own Korean style outfits.

Though, I will try my best and I would find you a similar style if I can!

Thanks for checking out my website!

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