Korean Tennis Skirt Outfit

Hello everyone!

How are you doing lately? Since the outbreak of the virus, a lot of cities have been on lockdown and many people can’t go outside.

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For me, In Korea, things are getting slightly better.

Finally, I’m getting used to being in front of the camera and the Korean government has thankfully acted wisely and now we can go out sometimes.

But we should still wear masks everywhere. Some people are breaking the rules, but they are very few.

I was very impressed by the people actually. Because I thought people are very greedy and selfish, so I thought it will be really hard to make a line and buy some masks.

Yet everyone was staying calm in the lines and everyone waited for their turn.

Of course, some people argued or caused some troubles. Still, most often, people behaved very well and followed instructions.

I guess I was underestimating other people and I’m very thankful to everyone for doing their part.

Even when things are still quite serious, we (my boyfriend and I, actually it was my boyfriend, but I will say “we”) were invited to the Color Pool Museum last week.

It’s placed in Insadong, Seoul. It can be found in ‘Annyeong Insadong’.

It’s not a museum like you’re imagining, rather, it’s more like a small, inside, playground.

A very pretty playground 🙂

It has 6 (including outside) big rooms and they all have 1 to 3 different themes.

If you want to take good pictures then this is the best place for it!

This place is for more playful people. However, if you love colors (mostly pink) you should visit this place. It’s perfect!

Because of the virus, the museum wasn’t busy and we had all of the rooms to ourselves

It was literally AMAZING.

It was like owning my own small theme park in my home!

So, anyway, I wore this pink tennis skirt and white t-shirt.

The t-shirt has this triangle gap on the neck. I love this kind of design on my shirts.

Because it shows my shoulder lines and neck line and those are my prettiest feature of me haha.

If you have strength like me then wear something that shows your shoulder lines.

It  doesn’t have to be exactly same with mine, as some similar designs would look great too.

The tennis skirt is one of my favourites in my closet.

A few years ago tennis skirts were very popular in Korea, I bought this skirt back then.

It is not really that popular anymore, but still people like to wear it.

Especially people in their early 20s, as it’s one of the cutest fresh year looks 🙂

I don’t have link for the skirt and T-shirt but I found similar skirt on Amazon.

I could wear high heel with this outfit but I wore sneakers.

Because I wanted to look like a cheerleader!

It was one of my dreams actually, when I was kid haha.

Watching those Hollywood teen movies and dreaming of wearing a cheerleader outfit.

I don’t know why though, but for little me it was very inspiring!

I wear this look whenever I want to feel cute and look bubbly.

Fortunately, this style was perfect for the place too. This means the place is also very cute and bubbly!

Some of you who are following me on IG will know that the pictures turned out very great!

Compared to my other pictures on older articles, these pictures are very alive and colorful.

For the last photos, I didn’t have any bag to go with my outfit.

I wouldn’t wear one, if you want to wear one matching this outfit then get some kind of small bag with a gold chain. But not a chain that is too long.

The best color for the bag would be black or pink or maybe wine color.

According to color matching, I shouldn’t wear something yellow or green.

However, if you’re wearing some different colours for your outfit then you should choose another color for your socks, bags and shoes.

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I will come back with better styles in no time, so please check back soon!

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