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Korean Valentines Day Look

Hello everyone!

Today I wanted to show you a cute dress for a valentines day date.

The colour and design match valentines day perfectly!

It’s simple yet sexy. It’s also not too revealing.

This is one of my favourite style of dresses so I wear it often.

But other Koreans would wear it for special occasion like date night, party, girls night out, ect.

I wore a black blouse underneath my dress but I’d prefer to just wear the dress.

However, since it’s still winter in Korea it was very cold today!

I decided to also add pictures without the blouse and with different shoes also.

I also shared the link for where I got this dress at the end of the post so you can get your favourite Korean styles!

They also have this dress in other colours.

I usually shop there and I have some more online shopping malls.

I am gonna share some more decent malls with you guys soon.

If you want to buy the dress, please use this link!

Thank you for checking my website!

I will be back with better posts in the future!

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