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Hello everyone ~ how are you doing lately?

I came back to write another article very fast this time. Because I have a review that I want to share with you!

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About one month ago, my boyfriend (who runs Seoulinspired) got emailed by a company named Korelimited.

They wanted to collaborate with him by offering him clothing to wear in photos on his blog.

Since I am a fashion blogger and also he needed me to be his model, he asked them if we could work on it together,

So they wanted both of us to write, also I was happy to have the chance to work with them.

Because I have seen some articles about them before and then I fell in love with their work.

This article contains affiliate links. For more information, please refer to my affiliate disclaimer.

Korelimited is a fashion brand related Korean history and culture.

They have their base in the US, but you still can buy some clothes in their online shopping mall.

Their designs usually include parts of Korean culture and history. For example, many pieces of clothing involve the Korean flag.

That’s why I think they are doing very great job, and why I liked their clothes.

I think they are representing Korea very well with these creative ideas.

I think that they are creative because usually people just think about Korean flags or traditional patterns.

But they also include history in their modern designs. I LOVE this part.

One of their most special designs is about the people who fought for Korea when Japan colonised Korea.

It was a really hard time for Koreans then.

Still, those people sacrificed themselves to fight for the independence of their country.

That is why I respect them and love how Korelimited designed clothing based on them.

This is the t-shirt they made.

As a Korean, I am proud of their sacrifices and also of Korelimited’s work representing Korean history in this way.

This t-shirt is talking about the huge impact on Korean history that these freedom fighters had.

On the front of T-shirt, there are the numbers 19190301 (1919.03.01).

On 1919, March 1st, people started a big protest about Japan taking over our country.

Koreans came out to streets and spread the message “대한 독립 만세”.

This means something along the lines of “long live Korean Independence”.

On the back of the T-shirt, there are the names and pictures of people who were mostly killed by the Japanese government for fighting for Korean independence.

This t-shirt is one of the reasons why I really like Korelimited. Because they show Korean history in a fashionable way.

You can find the March 1st T-shirt here!

Korelimited’s style is mostly about street fashion.

That’s why I was little bit worried when we got the business proposal.

Personally, I don’t have lots of knowledge about street fashion.

I was afraid that my style would be very similar to what they already have.

However, I tried my best to still have my own style. I don’t know if it turned out that way but it was the result of weeks of worries haha.

I really hope you all love it this time!

I also styled my boyfriend and did a photo shoot for him. So this time I seriously worked harder than ever. Not saying I didn’t work harder on other posts though!

My boyfriend is wearing 3 of the tops from Korelimited.

I styled those shirts with pants that get skinnier towards the bottom. I searched it and it said people call it a “tapered fit”.

There is a reason for that. Because usually Korean street style is mostly about being “baggy”.

I wanted to show you my style and also, at the same time, Korean style, so I gave him these pants.

Usually when Korean people wear street fashion, they wear some kind of really wide pants.

But I fitted him with tapered pants.

That way he can wear a more unique style and still have the trendy Korean street fashion look.

This first long sleeved shirt has 4 different types of lines on each of the shoulder lines and around waist.

They are from the Korean flag and have different meanings.

Firstly, the symbol with 3 complete lines means sky and sounds like “Gun”.

Secondly, there is a symbol with two half lines outside and in the middle it has one complete line. 

This one means moon and water and sounds like “Gam”.

Thirdly, there is a symbol which is the exact opposite from the second one.

Called “Lee”, this means sun and fire. Which has two complete lines outside and one parted line in the middle.

For the last symbol, there is 3 half lines called “Gon”. It means earth.

I think Korelimited symbolised the Korean flag really well in their design.

You can find the Taeguk Crewneck here!

They also gave us these stickers which are also related to the Korean flag

The sticker has Korean National flower in the middle and on the top left, it has this special hand print.

The hand’s owner is a very important person in our history.

He fought for Korean independence and to show his willingness, he cut off his two fingers and wrote a writing in blood.

So even their stickers have historical meanings and are also very pretty. I’m keeping it on the back of my phone right now.

I really would love Korelimited to use this design in some of their new clothes. I’m going to be the first one who buys it!

Korelimited also has some clothing with a more modern style of Korea.

My boyfriend is wearing one of Korelimited’s T-shirts with these beige tapered pants.

It says “Seoul Angeles” on the front of the T-shirt and on the back of it, it has this picture.

I thought the picture was just about Los Angeles but when I looked at it closer, it was perfect combination of both cities.

Korelimited printed the color of the picture like a Los Angeles’s sunset yet they drew a line from the Korean flag.

I was like “what? Their design team is brilliant!” Haha.

It has Seoul’s Namsan tower in the middle and the palm trees from Los Angeles on the side.

Find the Seoul Angeles T-shirt here!

The last t-shirt my boyfriend wore is more simple.

On the front, it has their logo on the right chest and on the back, it has one big one Chinese character and the word “Seoul”.

We searched what the Chinese character means but we couldn’t find the answer yet.

Because I took Chinese class before but I wasn’t really good at it and my boyfriend hasn’t studied Chinese at all.

I will ask what it means to Korelimited and update you all soon!

I can kind of guess what it is, however, I’m not sure so I will make sure and will get back to you.

I like this kind of simple T-shirt. People will think you are wearing something really simple but you are not actually!

If the printing was in the front then it wouldn’t have stood out.

Because usually it’s the front that stands out, and this is quite normal.

However, if you put it on the back, then it can be the only thing to shine there.

You can wear this kind of design when you feel like “I’m good at dressing up. But I’m not going to show off.”

Find the Imperial Seoul T-shirt here.

For the last outfit I’m wearing this hat from Korelimited with two different styles.

The first style is just with a simple long dress because I wanted the hat to be the focus of the image.

This hat is also simple but it’s not a baseball cap so it already is more unique than just wearing a cap.

I don’t know about the exact name in English, but I’m sure you have seen it in lots of Korean street fashion.

Korean street fashion usually depends on which hip hop celebrity wears what – it’s very trend-following.

Again I don’t know when it started or who started it, but this style of hat has been very popular for a while.

Usually people like to wear it in black, beige, white or light grey but the one we got from Korelimited was dark grey.

Honestly, this color wasn’t my first choice but the other option was sold out, so I wanted to try and make my own style from it.

I tried, now it’s your turn to give it a try if you liked my style!

Second fashion is more of a bold choice of clothes.

Because I’m showing my stomach and usually when I wear cropped tops, I match them with high waist jeans or skirts.

Furthermore, that day I took the pictures was very cold and windy.

But I endured the coldness for the style. It was very hard haha.

This look is more familiar to you guys than the first dress. It’s similar to other Korean street fashion.

The difference I tried to make was just the cropped top. It’s not the first either, but still better if you don’t like clothes that are too big and baggy.

Find the Suits Bucket Hat here!

This was my first product review and I don’t really have anything negative to say because the clothes were perfect for me.

The quality of clothes was great and the designs were amazing too.

Lots of online shopping malls have low quality sometimes but Korelimited has great quality on all of their clothing.

It was great opportunity to work with them and I’d love to work with them again in the future.

Street fashion isn’t my strength but it was good chance to try new things and learn more.

I hope you guys enjoyed my style with Korelimited today and I left some links above.

Go check out what they have! Thank you for reading my post guys 🙂

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