Simple Korean Cocktail Dress


I’m back! With a tight black dress!

It’s more like simple cocktail dress.

The shoulder parts are puffy. 

Without them, it’s a just tight black dress.

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Whit those puffed shoulders, it make a perfect dress for party.

It’s also great for dine and wine with your lover.

I posted a red dress before for valentines date night.

This one is another cute dress for it.

The style is different with the red one but still same kind of dress.

Great for party , not revealing but sexy and for the last also cute.

If you have a black small handbag with golden chain, you can match with it.

Any dark color handbags would look great with it!

I wouldn’t recommend you a big bag with it.

Because tight dresses look with small bags.

Secondly I’m wearing black stockings just because it was bit cold when I was taking the pictures.

If you don’t want to you don’t need to wear one.

Just wear long boots.

Even short one are fine too.

But in my opinion, the longer ones over your ankles would be great.

For the last I’m wearing this diamond necklace with white gold chain.

I was gonna wear a band (also made of white gold) but I decided not to.

Because I just prefer wear one jewelry at a time.

I like simple designs so also like to wear them not too much.

It would have looked fine wearing both but I just wore one of them just because I wanted to.

It’s also your choice to wear more or less.

Here is the link for dress and will return with another great style!

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