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Hello again!

Today I am back with some special items. A few weeks ago I got an offer from an online shopping mall called StyleupK. Actually, the offer was for my boyfriend, but I wanted to try some clothes too! With that being said, I want to thank my boyfriend and StyleupK for this opportunity!

I chose a small handbag, leopard print skirt, and a FILA crop top. The bag and skirt especially were so popular in 2020 and they still are. So, I want to talk about the skirt first!

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The reason that I picked the leopard skirt is that it has been very popular lately. It has been about 2 years since leopard printed clothes and items were popular. I have always liked them but it is really tricky to make the outfit not appear over the top.

Further, I don’t know about western countries or other Asian countries, but in Korea, lots of movies and TV shows show only old people liking leopard print designs. So, before it got popular, a few years ago, most people thought of leopard print clothing as an old kind of fashion.

Also, if the fabric is low quality then it even looks cheap. Therefore, buying leopard print items before was risky. Fortunately, it is so popular recently! now we can have all the leopard clothes we want! Personally, I love leopard printed clothes on a pink background.

But you know what? Basic is always the best! For this reason, I just got the normal leopard coloured skirt. This skirt was a bit hard to find the right top to match with. Because usually leopards represent a sexy type of fashion and those types of clothes are usually tight.

Nevertheless, this skirt was wide and long, and wide and long are far from being sexy. On the contrary, they represent innocence more. In order to balance that innocence, I had to pick a top that wasn’t revealing.

Since it is winter in Korea at the moment, I chose a sweater as my top. But also, I didn’t want people to think the style is boring and lumpy. To make this balance, I tucked my sweater into my skirt. That showed my waistline and that way I was content that the outfit was not boring.

For the shoes, short boots, sneakers or even running shoes would be fine if the colour matches. To go along with this outfit I picked a small handbag. The handbag looks like a small basket, but it’s not! This item is also from the same shopping mall, so I am thankful that they wanted to collaborate!

This mini bag was popular last summer and it still is popular in Korea! They have string inside the bag instead of a zipper. I think it looks prettier than a metal zipper. Because of the string, I can protect my things and I am sure that they are totally safe.

The shape is a little like a dumpling so if you are looking for something unique and cute, here is what you need! I mentioned that it looks like a basket above, and that makes this bag have spring and summer vibes. However, it doesn’t matter when you carry it and it can fit any season.

Lastly, I got this small, cute top from the same website. It’s actually made by FILA but the shopping mall has lots of different brands and different items. There are famous brands and other new brands from Korea too!

Anyway, if you asked me to pick one sportswear brand then I would choose FILA without hesitating.
I like FILA that much! The reason I love them is that they are cheaper than other sportswear brands.
You may think “oh if it’s cheaper than the quality will be lower.” But it’s actually not! The quality is amazing too!

The design is cute too! Above all designs, their “Ugly shoes” are really amazing. Ugly shoes are big and lumpy but somehow it’s adorable and they make your legs look skinnier. Other than shoes, their clothes are also great like my small crop top here.

It has a small rainbow background on the brand logo on the chest. It also has white tape on the neckline and on both arms. Even if it didn’t have the white lines on it, I still think it would look good but since the lettering is white, they all look good together.

This top will look adorable with pants or a tennis skirt but the colour is deep navy so also dark coloured clothes should go well with it. The fabric is really strong so you don’t need to worry about it going loose over time.

For these kinds of small tops normally I would just buy something cheap, consequently, the clothes very easily loosen and become damaged and sometimes it’s too uncomfortable to move because I’m worried it might show my the clothes under the shirt.

However, the other hand , this top is really strong. You never have to worry about moving around freely!

Those three items are all from one same website, StyleupK. Like I said earlier, the brands are all different but they have many Korean clothing brands. There are a lot of clothes to check out! I hope you find can something you like on their website!

There are all kinds of styles and you can find a variety of different clothing items on their website!

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