Trendy Korean Summer Outfits 2019 & 2020

Hey everyone! It has been a while!

I did not give up on blogging but I just didn’t have any time for it because of my other job.

Some of you would already know that I also have English teaching jobs.

Lately I got so many students so I work as a English teacher everyday of the week except for one day. Therefore, I can’t really concentrate on my blog at the moment.

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I have lots of styles to show you and don’t have time to blog about them all.

It’s so sad… But, I took a week off from teaching this week.

I took pictures of a few summer outfits, and finished up some editing!

And by the way, I will update my IG soon , I went to the Colorpool Museum again like 3 weeks ago!

I will write an article about that too, but, I want to finish other styles I wanted to post first.

Anyway, today I brought a style that is really popular in Korea right now.

I guess you guys have probably seen lots of this style if you are into Korean fashion.

Because it has been almost 2 or 3 years since it got famous. Actually, it’s not a new style. It has been around in fashion for years, but they refreshed the style and now it’s a new trend.

Actually, I thought it was a very clever design when it was new.

Since there weren’t many new designs in fashion, even if they design is something new I usually think it’s too bold and contemporary.

You know, like art. Sometimes you can’t understand art the way they are intended because it can be too unfamiliar.

It’s exactly like that in fashion because fashion is a kind of art.

So yeah, when this design came out I got it straight away.

It was so cute, sexy and elegant at the same time.

It has everything in one simple design in my opinion.

Moreover there are tons of other clothes that have this style.

That is why I am going to show you two kinds of clothes today.

One is a red top which is really popular this summer. Actually, I got it last year though. It was also popular last year yet it wasn’t as popular as it has been this summer.

I also have exact same top with long sleeves!

I just loved it so much that I had to buy it.

I don’t want to have the same styles of clothes in my closet, but this time I just wanted to have both of them in my closet.

I will show you guys on my IG sometime!

This one shows off your chest and neckline. 

If you feel confident about having a beautiful neckline you definitely should try this outfit.

You can find the exact same top easily on the internet.

I got it at a local store and that store doesn’t have any internet shopping mall so I can’t share the link of this one. However, it’s very easy to find online!

It can show off a little bit of your breast so if you don’t like those kinds of clothes then I wouldn’t recommend it for you.

When I was looking for a right bottom for it, I took way more time.

Because whenever I matched something with it, the whole style was a little bit off.

Finally, I found something though. I picked a pair of short, black, tight pants.

Honestly I don’t think it matters if it’s long or short.

But since it’s summer here and I am talking about summer outfits I chose to pick the shorter pants.

(Usually I don’t like shorts. I just don’t think I look good in shorts. That’s all!)

For shoes, I would wear some sandals like I’m wearing in my pictures or maybe just canvas shoes.

I wore the sandals just because I was around a beach 🙂

Finally, it’s time to talk about the dress I’m wearing!

This one is for the beach in summer!

Usually Koreans like to wear soft and satin clothes on the beach.

And if the dress is sleeveless and long then it’s perfect for beach wear.

But, I chose to wear a short one because I’m not a tall woman.

Still, it’s perfect for a Korean beach style, and for the shoes you should wear flip flops or sandals with thinner straps.

I didn’t have perfect shoes for this outfit but I didn’t want to buy new sandals for one dress.

But, if you have lots of this kind of dress then I think it’s worth to get a pair of sandals like those.

If you are uncomfortable showing too much of your shoulder and chest then you can wear a thin cardigan (short or long, either way is fine ^^).

I hope you enjoyed this article about one of my favourite Korean summer fashion trends.

I will be back with more new articles soon!

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